God's Speed

Sometimes I don't understand why some things happen.

And to be honest, I'm at the point where now, I don't even try to figure it out. Because trying to figure out the unknown only causes stress and I, no longer have any room for stress in my life.

But what I do know is, that God has so many things..

..hold up, let me rephrase that.. so many great things in store for me.

See, we're so quick to look at the success of others and compare them to our own. We put ourselves in jam, and stress ourselves out trying to keep up with the pace of someone else. When in reality, the only pace we need to be walking to is the one of God's. 

It may be taking me, you, us, a little longer to reach that "breakthrough", but it's crucial to know that it is coming... nah, scratch that, the breakthrough is already here!

I say that because now that we understand that great things take time and God is in control, we can now sit back and enjoy the process.

When you lose the need to have control, true peace follows.

Allow God to work in your life and see what happens. 

I love you...

Stay beautiful. Stay blessed. Until next time... Shop Che Lux <3

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