Overcoming the Fear of Rejection


It's a word we hear far too often. But I honestly, I feel like we give it too much credit. Its just a four letter word. Just like LOVE, HATE, FU... okay I wont go there. Lol, but seriously it is.

I wont sit here and act like I've never had to face fear before, to be transparent, I am right now, typing this blog. It's something I've always wanted to do but just "never got around to it" I guess.. yeah right, that was an excuse.

There's been so many things I've wanted to do but I just couldn't conjure up the courage to do it. And why is that?...........

The fear of rejection.

It's something I'm far too familiar with.

All my life I've been on stages. Dancing, singing, acting. You would think I was this bold person who was never afraid to do anything. But deep down, I really am scared lol. 

What will people think? What will they say? Will they like like it?

These are the wrong questions, we SHOULD be asking..

How does this make me feel? How will this benefit my life? When will I go after what I want?

No one else has the answers to these questions. Its all up to you.


1. The Spirit of Procrastination 

Have you ever found yourself constantly putting things on the back burner? This is something I know all about. 

How will you ever get to where you want to be if you never start the journey? You can't. It's time to start that thing.. That idea, that business. Go for it! I'm not saying it's going to be easy but once you get started, I'm positive you will be happy you did.

To rid the spirit of procrastination, you must adapted the spirit of preparation

I love the word preparation because it means you've still got time. It doesn't mean you're ready and you have to be done now, but that you are getting ready for that thing you've been praying for. This is important because the more you prepare, practice, train, etc for that dream of yours, the closer you get to succeeding and seeing it come to life. And when it does come, it'll be so easy because it's what you've been getting ready for!

Isn't that exciting? To know you STILL HAVE TIME. Don't rush the process, trust the process.


2. The Spirit of Perfectionism

Perfectionism come in thoughts like...

"Ahh, its not right" "I don't have everything I need." "I don't have a team." "I don't live in a big city."

Sound familiar?

I have been through the cycle of perfectionism so many times and it's getting old. You have too look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "GET OVER IT". It's important to work with what you have to get where you want to be.

No, you might not have the team you desire, however, it starts with you. As soon as you start putting your energy into the things you want to do, everything you need to go to the next level will start to come to you. It's the law of attraction.

Everything you need is already inside of you, but you must be persistent.

Persistence is key to cancelling out perfectionism. When you focus less on being perfect and more on being persistent the quality of work naturally gets better.  

When you keep going and showing up to give your best everyday, it'll "look" perfect to the people you are wanting to reach because they are able to see your growth and that's perfect. Better yet, that's REAL.

Let's normalize real again. Not real fancy, not real perfect, but real raw. Be that version of you that only you can be.  

 Che Lux will forever be a brand that represents what's real. Putting on for real women, discussing real issues, providing real solutions. 

 Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more.

Until next time. 

Look Good. Feel Better. Shop Che Lux.

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