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the brand.

Chè Lux is a brand created to inspire women to walk by faith daily and to look GOOD while doing it. Society has place unrealistic expectations onto women of today but we don’t have to except that! While walking in faith we are empowered to step outside of the social norm and become the beings we’ve long desired to be! 

Women have the power to change the world, and we will as long as we acknowledge our power and demand it be respected! 

It is time for us as women to come together, stand together, pray together, and support one another so that no women be left behind. 

The revolution has began and it will be televised. So make sure you look good and smile for the camera! 

 the owner.

  Who am I? Glad you asked.. my name is Jachè. I’ll let you take a stab at trying to pronounce it correctly!

I’m a 26 year old mother of one, full time student, and business owner.
For many years I’ve lived life driven by my creative and entrepreneurial spirit and I will say, it hasn’t been easy. But I’m glad that the grace of God carries me each day and forever will! 

 As a young woman I found looking for validation in the world, when all I really needed was GOD. And over time I've learned that God loves me just as I am, and he wants me, and you, to be happy!

If you made it to this last sentence of this post, guess what, we’re now best friends. Yes, so tell whoever you call best friend I’m taking their place. :)