the brand.

Chè Lux is a brand created to inspire men & women to BE THE CHANGE they long to see in the world. We're living in a time where it's easy to blend in and conform to what everyone else is doing, but at Chè Lux we encourage you to BREAK FREE! You have the right to be who you truly are.

 Our goal is to provide greater quality clothing designed to give the ultimate comfort experience in style! We consider ourselves to be the Comfort Experts, not only physically, but also mentally.

All of our products are high quality and are also printed in the USA meaning workers get higher pay!




the owner.

My name is Jachè Sharnise. I am an independent creative who serves others by services to help aspiring business owners curate & start up their own brands & I also provide street athletic wear for men and women through my clothing line Chè Lux Boutique while spreading a positive message.

Throughout the years I have found it easiest to express myself through the arts. I began writing, singing, and dancing at a very young age and grew very fond of the expressive activities. I was also engaged in multiple sports which kept me active for many years. I have always had the urge to want to help others.

In 2015, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This changed my life drastically as he wasn’t expected and I had just dropped out of college.

Shortly after his birth, my life took a turn down a dark path of lust, money, and deceit. Today, with the help of God through mediation, yoga and prayer, I am mentally free! Free from darkness, free from pain, and free from guilt.
I have made it my life mission to help young people ALL OVER THE WORLD.
I have dedicated my art, knowledge, and talents towards uplifting the world so they too can be free from the things that hold them captive. I have found NEW POWER & you can too! Join me on this new path of light!